About Us
Vanguard Healthcare

Set up by the Ministry of Health and MOH Holdings in 2015, Vanguard Healthcare aims to grow and support the development of eldercare services in Singapore.

Beyond operating eldercare facilities, our mission is to encourage a spirit of innovation, develop manpower and capability as well as evolve new models of care.  We aim to spread good practices, encourage other players to adopt innovations and enhanced practices and develop their manpower, so as to benefit the overall eldercare sector and boost its development over time.

Vanguard Healthcare plans to operate five nursing homes by 2020, with approximately 1,000 beds for patients entitled to medical subsidies. Our first nursing home, Pearl’s Hill Care Home, started operations in January 2016. The other four Care Homes will be sited in different locations across Singapore and are scheduled to begin operations from 2017.  Besides serving nursing home residents, these purpose-built Care Homes will also cater to the needs of seniors living in the vicinity, providing services such as:

Respite care
Short-term care services that provide temporary relief to those who are caring for their family members.

Home care
Home-based services to keep clients healthy and functionally independent at home and in the community .

Day Rehabilitation Centre (DRC)
Outpatient rehabilitation services for patients who require additional therapy after discharge from a hospital.

Senior Care Centre (SCC)

Social and healthcare services for the seniors during the day.