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Data protection policy
  1. This website is owned and managed by Vanguard Healthcare.

  2. In line with Vanguard Healthcare’s business operations, Vanguard Healthcare (including its related corporations, subsidiaries, affiliates, and associated companies) may collect and retain, as necessary and to the extent permitted by law, information about individuals, for effective delivery of services to the public and to facilitate its communications within the public and private healthcare sectors.

  3. Vanguard Healthcare is committed to respecting the privacy of every visitor and user of this website and takes its responsibility to protect any personal information received very seriously and keeps such personal information securely and confidentially to prevent unauthorised use.

  4. In order to serve the visitors and users of this website in an efficient and effective manner, Vanguard Healthcare implements reasonable measures and maintains appropriate security technologies for the protection and proper safeguarding of every personal data as provided by the visitors and users of this website.

  5. In any event the visitors and users of this website provide Vanguard Healthcare with any personal data belonging to and/or relating to a third person (e.g., information about spouse, children, parents, employees, etc.) by submitting any such information to Vanguard Healthcare, said visitors and users of this website represent that they have obtained the relevant consent of any such third person to provide Vanguard Healthcare with their personal data.

  6. For the avoidance of doubt, this policy is not intended to supersede or replace any consent previously provided to Vanguard Healthcare.

  7. Personal data collected by Vanguard Healthcare may be shared with the Ministry of Health, MOH Holdings Pte Ltd, the relevant regulatory authority for healthcare professionals, statutory bodies, and public agencies for the purpose of complying with their respective requirements, policies, and directives.

  8. Any personal data provided to Vanguard Healthcare may also be shared among Vanguard Healthcare’s appointed service providers performing data processing services to Vanguard Healthcare and authorised third party organisations providing and/or administering various Vanguard Healthcare programmes and schemes.

  9. Vanguard Healthcare ensures that the organisations mentioned above with which personal data provided to Vanguard Healthcare may be shared, adhere to, observe, and keep in place, data protection policies, similar to Vanguard Healthcare’s data protection policy.

  10. Vanguard Healthcare will not use any such personal data collected for purposes other than what Vanguard Healthcare has informed the visitors and users of this website pursuant to Vanguard Healthcare’s data protection policy and as permitted under the applicable laws and regulations.

  11. This website may contain links to other websites with data protection policies, which may be different from Vanguard Healthcare’s data protection policy in place. Vanguard Healthcare takes no responsibility whatsoever for the contents and data protection policies of these other websites. The visitors and users of the Vanguard Healthcare website are therefore, encouraged to consult the respective data protection policies of those other websites.

  12. Vanguard Healthcare reserves the right to revise and update this data protection policy at any time. The content presented on this page is considered the latest version. Should any modification to this data protection policy occur, Vanguard Healthcare will post the updated version on the page in order that the visitors and users of this website are always made aware of how Vanguard Healthcare safeguards the personal data shared.

  13. Visitors and users of this website may contact Vanguard Healthcare’s Data Protection Officer at Telephone No. +65 6622 0980 or email [email protected] if they:
    1. wish to rectify any incorrect or out-of-date personal data previously provided to Vanguard Healthcare;
    2. intend to withdraw any consent previously given to Vanguard Healthcare to collect and retain any such personal data;
    3. have any questions or feedback relating to any personal data shared with Vanguard Healthcare; or
    4. require more information regarding Vanguard Healthcare’s data protection policy.