Facilities & Services

At Woodlands Care Home, our multi-disciplinary care team works closely with residents and their family members, as well as the community, to improve our residents’ state of health and enrich their quality of life so that they can age gracefully and with dignity. Besides nursing care, we also provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical care, dental care and dietary services.

Vanguard has developed activities that promote active ageing in the physical, social and cognitive domains:

  • Physical activities include walking, cycling, qigong and gardening with each Care Home championing a specific activity to lead and develop for all Vanguard Care Homes;
  • Social activities include communal dining, current affairs sharing, befriending and intergenerational activities with each Care Home reaching out to its community and volunteers;
  • Cognitive activities include gaming, art and craft, and activities of daily living (ADLs) which will be supported by the rehabilitation team of the Care Home.

To meet the psychosocial needs of the residents, Woodlands Care Home also has an Intergeneration Clubhouse where residents can gather to chat over drinks. There, our seniors can also interact with their family members, the youth and the community. The activity and dining areas at each level also provide a pleasant setting for our residents to mingle and engage in group activities.

Woodlands Care Home also houses Vanguard’s first Senior Care Centre, known as Vanguard Senior Care (Woodlands). The co-located centre started operations in April 2018 and provides day care, dementia day care and rehabilitation services to seniors in the area.

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Cluster living Living room
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Therapeutic Garden Rehabilitation room
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Day room HEAL living room
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Woodlands Active Aging Club at Intergeneration Clubhouse

Hair Grooming at Club Cantik

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Karaoke/ Movie in Cinema Suite

Minimart in Intergeneration Clubhouse

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Vanguard Senior Care: Daily activities Vanguard Senior Care: Rehabilitation area