Home Enablement and Autonomous Living (HEAL) Programme

As Vanguard’s first purpose-built facility, Woodlands Care Home provides a platform to innovate new models of care. Vanguard is piloting the Home Enablement and Autonomous Living (HEAL) programme at Woodlands Care Home, in line with Vanguard’s care model which emphasises rehabilitation with the goal of enabling residents to be independent again and eventually return home.  Under the HEAL programme, suitable residents undergoing the programme will:

  • Live independently and autonomously as part of their discharge preparation;
  • Be encouraged to serve their own meals, wash their own laundry, go to the toilet and shower independently; and
  • Make their own decisions and plan their own rehab and daily activities, with their individual schedule of activities checked and prompted by the rehab team.

The nurses will usually assist them mainly in managing their medication. The pilot started in March 2018 and suitable residents will continually be identified for the programme.

The HEAL programme also attempts to impart to caregivers (such as a newly employed domestic helper and/or next-of-kin) the basic skills needed to carry out nursing care (such as administering of medications), basic positioning, bed mobility, transfer and ADL assistance for the nursing home resident upon discharge.