Facilities & Services

At Pearl’s Hill Care Home, our multi-disciplinary care team works closely with residents and their family members, as well as the community, to improve our residents’ state of health and enrich their quality of life so that they can age gracefully and with dignity. Besides nursing care, we also provide physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical care, dental care and dietary services.

To keep our residents mentally and physically active, as well as to give them a sense of purpose and direction, we also carry out daily group activities such as baking/cooking, board games, gardening, physical exercises and training classes.

Facade Ramp

The facility features many elderly-friendly and wheelchair-friendly that allow our residents to move around more conveniently, from spacious lifts with big hold buttons to grip bars along the corridors, ramps and sheltered driveways.

Garden Garden

Greenery in and around the premises brightens up the lives of our residents.

Ward Corridor

To help our residents better navigate within the premises, each of our well-ventilated wards bears a unique identity with the use of different colours and themes.